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WHAT DO I GET? For your convenience, you are allowed to download this free Digital Copy multiple times to devices you own.

Once you send your email, video title and activation code, a link to download the video will be emailed to you.

The link to the download will expire 7 days from the date your email is sent, so be sure to download and save the file within 7 days. Once the files are downloaded to your devices, you may continue to watch your downloaded files whenever you want for years to come.

1. Once you receive the email with the download link, click on the link. A window will open in your web browser.
2. Locate the Download button and click on it to direct download the video file to your computer or laptop.
3. The download is saved wherever your preferences on that device direct it to be saved typically in downloads or to the desktop.
NOTE: IPAD / TABLETS On some tablets, look for an option to download or save video. Apple IOS on the iPad allows you to save the video to the Photos App.
NOTE: IPHONES / SMARTPHONES Many mobile phones will not allow you to direct download large video files to the mobile device (files over 50mb.) Apple requires you to download to your computer, copy to iTunes and sync the video to your mobile device using iTunes.

COMPATIBLE WITH Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, iTunes, Windows Media Player 12, VLC, QuickTime.

ABOUT US Finley-Holiday Films is a family-owned company specializing in videos on America’s natural, cultural and historical destinations. We produce and distribute our programs on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy in Whittier, California – our location since 1968. Finley-Holiday Films full-featured DVDs, Blu-rays and Downloads are available exclusively on location at America’s national parks, historical sites and travel destinations. Visit to check out the wide variety of national park videos.

USAGE RIGHTS Finley-Holiday Films’ video programs are intended for your private viewing only. We have opted not to put Digital Rights Management on our video files so you may conveniently copy the file to different devices, hassle free. Please support this open policy by not illegally distributing our video to others. It is illegal to upload this copyrighted video to social media services such as Youtube and Facebook.

Finley-Holiday Films does not share or sell your e-mail address or private information.